Du'ā Booking Portal

Welcome to the du'ā booking portal. This portal is designed to help streamline the recitation booking process throughout the year and is accessible to all community members.

Please ensure the details are correct as you will receive a confirmation email and at times we may also need to reach you by phone.


Terms of Agreement

I understand that:

  1. I have only one chance during the Holy Month of Ramadhan/Eid-ul-Fitr Day
  2. I am to complete the recitation within the time allocated to me in the confirmation email.
  3. An attempt to by-pass the system will result in an immediate cancellation of recitation for the entire month
  4. I may be required to recite a few passages of my chosen recitation over the phone or in person prior to receiving confirmation.
  5. Individuals who have recited a specific Du'a/recitation in the past 2 years (1438 and 1439) on Amaal nights may book again for a different recitation for Mahe Ramadhan 1440 Amaal nights. To repeat a recitation you have previously recited, you must wait until the third year. E.g. If you recited Munajat of Imam Ali (a) in 1438, you may not recite it again until 1441. However, in 1440 you may choose something else to recite
  6. If I am unable to recite on the day I have booked, I should contact jtb@jaffari.org or the Dua coordinator in the gents/ladies. I should not find my own replacement.

Email queries to jtb@jaffari.org